iRing Offers Simple Touchless Mobile Device Music ControlMost gesture control devices have targeted Bluetooth wireless communications, while others, like the new iRing, have gone basic using the mobile camera to provide affordable touchless control to mobile applications.

iRing is a motion detection method that combines a two-sided ring and an app for your mobile device giving DJs and musicians touchless control of their MIDI programs. The ring is actually placed between the fingers so that the dot patterns on the ring are different on either hand. The application uses the device forward or rear camera to detect the position of the dot pattern in three-dimensional space allowing music control with gestures of both hands. With two rings, artists can control up to six parameters within their applications, even more by assigning motion triggers like punching, rotation, showing or hiding the ring and waves of the hand.

iRing has possibilities beyond the music world and IK Multimedia is offering the SDK and a free license program to developers for the controller app. iRing is available now direct from the IK Multimedia website for just 25 bucks and comes with 2 rings in either white, grey or green as well as all the applications available for free at the App Store.

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