Jedi Motion Control with the MYO ArmbandThe MYO Armband from Thalmic Labs will be released later this year and you can pre-order one now for 149 bucks. So why is this product being marketed as, “unleash your inner Jedi?” Using the MYO Armband might have you believing.

The MYO Armband is a gesture control device that you wear on your forearm. Unlike traditional motion control, this device does not use a camera-based feedback system to identify motion. What it reads is the electrical currents being sent to your muscles as you gesture and combines those readings with a 6-axis motion control unit. The actions are transmitted via Bluetooth 4.0 enabling very quick and subtle control of programs or systems paired with the MYO Armband.

In addition, with the Bluetooth connection, you do not need to be in view of your system, just within range to control devices with a wave of your arm. The device uses an uncommon and unique motion to enable or disable the device and haptic feedback to let the user know it is active to prevent against unwanted gesture control.

The MYO Armband will connect to any PC or Mac right now and they are planning connectivity with Android and iDevices soon.

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