JIBO Robotic Platform Will Become Part of the FamilyRobotics come in all shapes and sizes and can do just about everything from vacuum your rugs to build a car. JIBO is a lifestyle robotic platform, designed and programmed to help as more of a family personal assistant.

JIBO is a hands-free interactive platform that reminds me of the robot, “EVE” from the movie, “WALL-E”. JIBO is placed in a central location and uses both facial and voice recognition to assist with things like notifications, messaging, photography and as an avatar for virtual presence. JIBO learns using algorithms to adapt to your life by understanding your preferences and emotive cues to communicate naturally and to be a better companion. JIBOs fluid movements come from a three-axis motor system, it communicates with two speakers and an HD touchscreen, is powered by an AC adapter with an optional battery pack, all enclosed in an attractive aluminum case.

JIBO will also be available in a developer edition allowing programmers to download a toolkit for creating new content for the JIBO platform, like home connectivity. JIBO will not be available until late 2015 and can be preordered by supporting their Indiegogo campaign for just 500 bucks.

Check it out: JIBO

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