Kapau Changes Beach Tennis with Free-Style PlayBeach tennis is growing fast and with the popularity of the activity, new variations are being served up. Kapau is one example, a beach tennis game for people who prefer a fast and casual volley game.

Kapau is played between two people at a distance in any area with wide-open spaces, like a beach or park. The Kapau racket looks like a short tennis racket, or maybe a racquetball racket, and is constructed with a carbon fiber frame, pro strings and an ergonomical grip making it light and durable for outdoor play. The Kapau ball is unique to the game itself, designed with a specific bounce rate, weight and size so that it will play well at long ranges. Two players hit the ball back and forth in this free-style, fast paced game limited only by their own abilities and stamina.

A Kapau set includes two rackets, two balls and a bag to carry all the gear to the park or beach and costs about 170 bucks with availability in late 2015.

Check it out: Kapau Rackets

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