KeyMe Turns Your Smart Phone into a Key LockerSuddenly finding yourself locked out because of a misplaced key is not a good feeling. With the KeyMe mobile app on your smart phone, you might never be locked out again.

KeyMe is free downloadable key locker app for iOS that stores a scanned copy of the physical keys you need to access your secure areas. To get started, take a key off your keychain, place it on a white sheet of paper and scan the key to create a digital key signature. If you find yourself locked out and need a new key, you can take the key scan to a nearby locksmith and from the scan create a, “code cut” copy of the key. The app also allows scanned keys to be shared among family and friends giving access when your key buddy is far from where you need them to be. KeyMe offers a number of cool keys, from college and professional teams to theme, cause and designer keys and there is even an ergonomical bottle opener key if you have also misplaced your bottle opener.

KeyMe is expanding their business model beyond just mail order keys and have placed a few kiosks for more convenient key duplication. The KeyMe application for Windows and Android phones will be available very soon.