Leap Motion Controller Creates Precise Hands Free InteractionThe evolution of interacting with a computer, past using a keyboard, has focused on pointing by either using a mouse, stylus and pad or by touching the screen itself. The Leap Motion Controller frees your hands to work with your system in 3D space, breaking the barriers of traditional input technology.

The Leap Motion Controller is a small device that connects to your system with a USB 2.0 cable and works alongside your existing input devices. When placed on your desk, the onboard LEDs and two-camera system create a virtual eight cubic foot interaction space in front of the user. Once set-up, the system will independently track hand and finger movements precisely through software to an amazing one one-hundredth of a millimeter in accuracy at two hundred frames-per-second. This new level of interaction allows users to swipe, grab and place objects, flip through photos, websites or articles just with their hands. The system will also track held items, like a pencil or pen for creating perfect signatures or for interacting with several of the already available apps like painting, sculpting and even playing instruments.

Since the technology behind the Leap Motion Controller is mostly software driven, it can be easily incorporated into other devices like smartphones, tablets and even vehicles systems. Applications for hands free interaction are also available from the Airspace Store where users can experience everything from composing music to data visualization. The Leap Motion Controller is available now from Leapmotion.com for 80 bucks or you can pick it up soon at your local Best Buy store.

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