Leave Nothing Behind with the Bringrr Tag SystemIf you are running late for work or maybe have a very important day ahead, it never fails that your distracted mind will forget something you really need, like a laptop or lunch. The Bringrr item tracker system makes it easy to get out the door with everything you need.

The Bringrr system consists of three different Bluetooth Low Energy components that work together so nothing is left behind: a car charger, a smart device app and BringTags. The BringTags come in different colors and affix to objects you need to bring with you. Users of the system might choose one color of tags for work items and attach them to things like a laptop bag, keys, lunch bag or anything you take to the office. An entirely different color of item tracker tags can be used for going to the gym, going on a ski trip or anywhere making organizing your trip easy. When you start your car, the Bringrr car charger looks for your smart device and will flash if it is missing. Once the device is detected, it looks for all the tags of the items you need for where you are going and will notify you if an item is missing.

The Bringrr system also doubles as an item locator being able to track tags to find a lost item and works with other users who have the app installed to locate items that really were misplaced, like a runaway pet. The Bringrr system is will launch in the summer of 2014 with the core unit costing just 49 bucks and BringTags at 25 bucks.

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