Lightors Batteries Recharge Through Built-In Micro USBIn any device that uses batteries for power, like game controllers, remote controls or clocks, using rechargeable batteries is eco-smart and saves money. Lightors will also save wall outlet space and time spent searching for a battery charger.

Lightors are rechargeable batteries, which is not amazingly new technology however these rechargeable batteries eliminate the need for a wall charger. The batteries are designed around the double-A and triple-A form factors and contain a nickel-hydride battery that is charged through a micro USB connection built into the cell. The double-A cell has a 1500 milliamp-hour charge capacity, 600 for the triple-A, which is about equal to most general purpose batteries or about half that of an alkaline battery. There are several factors that affect the life of a rechargeable battery, and Lightors estimates that these batteries will be good for five hundred charges.

Lightors probably will not be the last battery you ever buy, however they offer a new convenience of charging, fully charging in just eight hours. Lightors are also priced right for a rechargeable battery with a two-pack of double-A batteries running just eight bucks with availability in mid-2015.

Check them out: Lightors USB-charging Batteries

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