Load a Full Phone Charge in Five Minutes with ProntoYou are running late for work or an appointment and your phone is dead. Thanks to Power Practical, if you have five minutes, you have a phone charger capable of a full charge on your device.

Pronto is a portable power solution for charging mobile devices on the go that loads up enough juice for one full phone charge in just five minutes. Pronto 5 is 4500 milliamp-hour cell that is capable of charging a phone three times, while the Pronto 12 at 13,500 milliamp-hours can charge a phone nine times on a full charge. Each model can also charge USB devices through one or two USB ports, but only the Pronto 12 can power 12-volt devices like laptops. Both models fully load in an hour and are built tough with an external hard-anodized aluminum enclosure and water resistant silicon outlet caps.

Pronto is small enough to fit into a pocket, purse or pack for all-day power and uses at-a-glance smart dials to indicate remaining charge. Pronto is scheduled to hit the market in mid-2015 at an estimated price of 99 bucks for the Pronto 5 and 149 bucks for the Pronto 12. Check out their Kickstarter campaign and grab one early, it only takes five minutes.

Check them out: Pronto from Power Practical

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