Lock Your Valuables with Safe Box for the BeachHitting the beach for the day is a great escape although we still need things like cell phones, money, keys and other necessities that can get lost in the sand or worse, stolen. Adding a Safe Box for the Beach to your day-trip gear can make a summer day get-a-way worry-free.

Safe Box for the Beach is more than just a box for your stuff; it is a dug in, locked down and secure option to protect your valuables that also supports an umbrella. Safe Box uses a long auger screw that twists deep into the sand and a mounting bolt that attaches the box from inside so that when your valuables are secured with a good padlock, so is your peace of mind. Safe Box for the Beach is also customizable giving businesses a new and unique item for promotional give-a-ways.

Safe Box for the Beach may not be the most technical device for securing your stuff but it definitely beats jamming your valuables into the toe of your shoe or just using a backpack. Safe Box for the Beach is available now from their website and ready for summer, starting at just over 20 bucks.

Check it out: SafeBox for the Beach