Lono Puts Sprinkler System Control on Your Smart DeviceIt never fails that when you are at work or otherwise away from your home, it begins to rain and your sprinklers are scheduled to water your lawn. With Lono, you have sprinkler control anywhere in the palm of your hand, no more wasting water and money.

Lono is an automatic smart sprinkler control system that replaces most current dial and switch manual control boxes and can cut water usage by twenty to seventy percent. The Lono system can control up to twenty zones and installing the system is as easy as switching your current zone control wires to the Lono controller, plugging it in, downloading the app and providing the details of your wireless home network. All control of your sprinkler system is now done over your smart device with no more running out to the garage in the middle of the night to shut down the system during a surprise rain shower. Users can set times and days for each zone, activate or shut down any zone, snooze the system for 24 hours or even give it a range of times to water and Lono will optimize your watering schedule.

Lono not only saves you water and helps grow a healthy lawn and plants, it saves money and with the 199 dollar price tag, it will green up your wallet, paying for itself in the first year. Lono will begin shipping in mid-2014 with the company offering preorders directly from their site.

Check it out: Lono

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