Lumu Reads Exact Light for Video and Photo ShootsAnyone can take a photo or video; capturing a great shot requires a light meter knowing your lighting conditions exactly. Lumu takes the guesswork out of reading your environment so you can grab great moments on, “film”.

Lumu is a compact light meter that plugs directly into the audio jack of an Android or iOS smart device. While most devices have a light meter built-in, when it comes to photography, the meter is not sensitive enough. Lumu has the spectral response of the human eye and is more accurate than most light meters. The luminance range of the device on the low end is .15 lux, or about the brightness of a moonlit night to a high end of 250,000 lux, or staring at the sun. When combined with the app, photographers have the ability to save data about their shoot, like location, photo parameters, lighting and even add a voice note. Lumu also draws all of the required power through the audio jack so there are no batteries.

The designers of Lumu were thinking style when they designed the product. The package includes a lanyard, “Lumuneck” for carrying the device around your neck making it a photographer’s fashion accessory. The Lumu comes in two colors and is available for preorder now at 129 bucks with a final product arriving later this year.

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