Make Your Bike an E-Bike with RubbeeElectric vehicles and e-bikes are changing the way we get around and in a responsible green manner. Rubbee is an electric bicycle motor drive system that will e-bike retrofit the bike you already own.

Rubbee uses an 800-watt peak power electric motor to power a friction wheel that makes direct contact with your bikes rear tire. Rubbee is very easy to install, just mount the system to the seat post and pull a pin that releases the internal suspension system providing maximum contact with the tire and turn the system on. Riders can control the output of the bicycle motor with a throttle mounted to the handlebars to a top speed of fifteen miles per hour and can use the motor without pedaling for a fifteen mile range. The internal 20,000 milliamp-hour battery will recharge with the included charger in two hours through a standard outlet getting you back on the road fast. The designers also thought about safety with a rear red light that turns on with the system, making the bike visible at night.

Rubbee uses a quick-release mounting lever making it very portable with minimal effort so it can easily be removed and even shared with friends. Rubbee will be arriving later this year giving you plenty of time to start saving up the cash for your own e-bike conversion with an unofficial price tag of over a thousand dollars.

Check it out: Rubbee

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