MakeVR Replaces Complicated CAD Software for 3D ModelingUsing a CAD-based modeling software package to create 3D models involves a lot of time and effort, quickly limiting beginners to downloadable designs. Sixense has a new approach that puts the design process within everyone’s reach.

MakeVR is a modeling software package that simplifies the process of designing a 3D object opening the doors to create without learning a complicated CAD package. The system uses two STEM System Controllers that are included with MakeVR to move and manipulate objects in a 3D virtual environment space. Beginning designers can load primitive shapes or templates from the extensive library to get started immediately and can easily take advantage of full-CAD functions simply by moving their hands. MakeVR goes beyond the single user experience with Collaborate 3D, a package upgrade that allows up to four designers to work on a design at the same time without moving files all over the world. Advanced designers will appreciate the ease of use along with supported CAD-based precision modeling giving them access to precision tools to create complex models.

MakeVR makes it easy to share your designs on popular social media sites and to print your design on your local printer or send it directly to Shapeways, a 3D printing service. Sixense is currently seeking funds through Kickstarter to bring this fully immersive and fun design system to everyone with a product release toward the end of 2014.

Check it out: MakeVR by Sixense