Master Mixology with a MixStik Cocktail CreatorAnyone can mix up a rum and Coke; it is almost a no-brainer. When it comes to more complicated drinks, like a Manhattan, Cosmopolitan or a B-52, most of us need a little help mixing the perfect cocktail.

Before you hire a bartender to make your next gathering a smash, check out MixStik, a lighted guide for mixing just about any cocktail. Using MixStik starts by pairing it with a smart device application over Bluetooth and then calibrating the device to the glass being used for the beverage. Once a recipe is selected on the application, twenty-four LED lights on the MixStik will illuminate indicating pour levels for each ingredient. Just drop the MixStik in the glass, pour, stir and enjoy. When the party is over, the food-grade silicon coating makes cleaning a breeze and the device will recharge over any standard USB connection.

MixStik will cost a little more than a hardcover bartending guide and multiple measuring cups, however it will be the only tool you will need behind the bar to be a mixology star. Look for MixStik to be released in early 2016 with an estimated retail price of just 109 bucks.

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