Master Mixology with The Barman Drink Mixing PlatformMost of us can figure out how to mix a rum and Coke but do you know how to mix a Manhattan or a Cosmopolitan? John Gallagher is about to introduce The Barman to get you on the road to mastering mixology.

The Barman is a drink mixing platform that uses differential weight to guide you through mixing any drink you desire. It uses a smartphone app that knows hundreds of drinks and communicates with the phone through Bluetooth. To use The Barman, place any glass on the platform, select a drink and follow the indicator on the front of the system which shows how much of the ingredient to add. The Barman has an indicator under the glass that turns the glass blue while you are mixing your beverage. For each ingredient in the recipe, the indicator will turn red when the differential weight has been reached; flashing when the drink is finished.

Once you have built the perfect cocktail, The Barman app lets you save the recipe as a favorite and share your creation on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can download and mix the recipe. The Barman lets you customize any drink to your tastes and if you have a cocktail creation of your own, it has a drink learn mode. You can mix any type of liquid, carbonated or not, and even sugar or other solids for when you just have to have that perfect lemon drop.

The Barman is a fun, easy to use system that puts a bartender on your countertop and makes having a drink a social event in today’s social media world.