MBLOK is Mobile Storage without Internet DependencyPhotos, music, documents… They take up a lot of space on our mobile devices and as we all know, there is never enough space on our mobile devices. MBLOK expands your memory cloud storage so your media content is as mobile as you are.

MBLOK is a small and portable file cloud storage device that can connect seven mobile devices allowing file storage and sharing without internet or cloud servers. MBLOK works by having its own operating system and internal power giving it a 300-hour standby life and offering ten times the streaming ability of other portable memory. MBLOK pairs with a mobile device through Bluetooth and uses a free application to set up and manage the system while transfer between computers and charging the battery is handled with a typical USB connection.

MBLOKs small size makes it perfect for a pocket, keychain or purse and if it is misplaced, the system even has a built-in proximity locator. MBLOCK is currently funding their project through Kickstarter with a final release of 128- and 256-gigabyte sizes starting at 280 bucks in early 2015.

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