Measure Your Athletic Fitness Intensity with the Armour39If you are a fitness junkie, you probably have a heart rate monitor or a way to measure the amount of calories burned, but have you ever measured your willpower? This spring, Under Armour will release the Armour39 ultimate fitness monitor system designed to push athletes to their limits.

The Armour39 is actually several items that work together to bring you a complete fitness picture. The system consists of a chest strap, a monitor module and either a watch or a downloadable app. Once you put the system on, you give it a WILLpower target, a number the system will calculate based on an algorithm that takes several factors into account, like time, gender and weight. It does not matter what workout or sport you are engaged in, this fitness monitor system is only concerned about performance.

The Armour39 actually counts every heartbeat to give you second by second feedback as you push toward your fitness target. Under Armour even went so far as to challenge the University of Connecticut to put it up against an ECG machine, and it outperformed. Bottom line, this is science that is accurate and précis.

The Armour39 will even keep track of your workouts, and as your fitness improves and your workout gets easier for you, the device will know you are not pushing your intensity and will adjust your score. It runs on a standard battery that will last about nine months and once you complete the initial assessment, you are ready to train. You can pick up the base system for 149, which will depend on the app or you can add the watch for an additional 199 bucks.

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