Mega Bar Offers Small Space Workout OptionsIn the time it takes to drive back and forth from the gym, you can have a complete physical workout in a small space, like being stuck in the office all day, with Mega Bar.

Mega Bar is a physical fitness product designed for people who do not have the space for a full gym or cannot make it to a fitness club on a regular basis, but still want to look and feel their best. The bar weighs only twelve pounds when fully assembled and can hold up to three-hundred pounds of free weights or can be configured for several strength training exercises including the ability use door frames for gravity resistance. Mega Bar is engineered to be compact, versatile and portable putting your fitness goals in reach at home, in the office or even during that next business trip or vacation.

Each Mega Bar includes a fitness guide of over 50 exercises to get you started on the road to better overall health. Mega Bar will retail for 129 bucks and is targeting an early 2015 release with backers of their Kickstarter grabbing one first for a discount.

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