Mobile Devices Get Their Own Outlet with SnapPowerI recently discovered a new term, “Wall Warts”. You probably have them in your house; mobile device chargers that make furniture placement impossible and tie-up outlets while your device grabs some power.

SnapPower has designed a cure for wall warts: an outlet wall cover offering a low profile built-in charging port for any device that uses USB charging cables. The cover uses two prongs on the inside of the plate to draw power from the existing receptacle wiring screws making installation as easy as removing the old cover and snapping in the new. Each charger provides a full one-amp of current to power devices making charging times a bit longer than typical plug-in wall chargers however with SnapPower; you just need a cord.

SnapPower Chargers will ship as UL Listed certified, available for both standard duplex and décor outlets and colors matching your style including white, light almond and ivory. SnapPower anticipates a late 2015 release date with buying options including ten, five, three and single cover packs starting around 20-bucks.

Check them out:

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