Morpher Folding Bike Helmets Save Riders and SpaceBike sharing systems are changing urban transportation options but without a helmet, riders are taking a big chance with personal safety. No one wants to carry a bulky bike helmet around all the time, which is why Morpher is the solution to spontaneously hitting the road, in a good way.

Morpher is a new idea in bicycle safety that unfolds from a compact package into a protective bike helmet that exceeds all relevant safety standards. The helmet is made from materials that not only protect the rider, they also look out for the planet and the helmet is produced green and completely recyclable. Strategic Sports, an OEM helmet manufacturer will be building the helmet for cyclists at first, however the designer, Jeffrey Woolf, has plans to eventually make folding helmets for other sports, including skiing, hockey, and horseback riding, to name a few.

Morphers folded form-factor makes the helmet perfect for backpacks, briefcases and even vending machines near bike-share locations. Morpher is in the prototype phases now; check out their website to stay current on a release date and when you can grab a Morpher for your next ride.

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