Motivate to be Active All Day with the Nike+ FuelBandIf you are looking for a simple and stylish alternative to clip on fitness monitors that can also double as a watch, check out the Nike+ FuelBand.

The Nike+ FuelBand is more than just a calorie or step counter. It uses a metric to measure your activity that they call, “NikeFuel” a proprietary technology developed by fitness experts that interprets activity from movements of your wrist. It is based on oxygen kinetics, a normalizing score that goes beyond factors that can skew measurements like age, gender and weight. On the inside, the device uses a 3-axis accelerometer to keep track of motion throughout the day. You can set your NikeFuel goal in the morning and it will monitor every activity through your day from walking to more serious athletic activity.

The device ties directly to a smartphone app that will let you see your activity and even keep track of your history wearing the Nike+ FuelBand. With the app, you set your goal, monitor your progress and even achieve awards based on your daily activity. The Nike+ FuelBand also lets you brag a little, or a lot, by posting your goals and awards to popular social sites as well as competing with your friends online.

The Nike+ FuelBand was designed to keep you motivated and active because, “life is a sport, make it count.” It is available in three cool colors: black ice, black and white ice and three sizes to fit your wrist perfectly. If you want to pick one up it’ll run you just 149 bucks online.

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