Motorized Coasting on a E-Go Cruiser Electric LongboardWhen I hear the term, “e-vehicle” I usually think automotive or bicycle; not skateboard. The E-Go Cruiser longboard is changing my mind and forever changing casual sidewalk surfing.

The E-Go Cruiser is a quality Canadian maple deck longboard that uses a 400-watt peak electric motor and a synchronous drive-belt transmission to power the wheels. The speed is controlled through a wireless hand-held throttle with two selectable top speeds depending on your style, either 10 or 20 kilometers per hour, or about 7 or 12 miles per hour. The top obtainable speed of the board is of course limited to several factors including rider weight, surface resistance, temperature and riding style. With a full charge on the battery, the E-Go Cruiser will easily get you where you are going with an estimated 30-kilometer range, or just under 20 miles. The battery on the deck and on the hand-held controller are rechargeable through a USB connection and in a pinch, you can even charge the controller from the deck battery.

The E-Go Cruiser is a weatherproof, not waterproof board so ideal riding conditions would be a dry day and puddles should be avoided. The E-Go cruiser is designed for flat-surface riding and with the components on the bottom of the board, sliding, curb bumps, ramps or using it in a pipe will wreck it. The E-Go Cruiser will retail for 700 bucks with pre-orders being accepted now through the company’s website.

Check it out: