Muscle Memory Basketball Training with the EVO ONEImproving your game takes practice and even if you are out there every day, you might be reinforcing bad habits. EVO ONE is a sensorized basketball training tool that uses technology to redefine your shooting skills and eventually improve your game.

EVO ONE is a personal trainer and coaching basketball training tool you can take anywhere that provides immediate audible feedback to the player when shooting the ball. Using a sensor unit inserted into the ball behind a rubber cap, every shot is analyzed for proper release and when optimal rotation is achieved, a tone is made alerting the player they used proper mechanics. The sensor package is powered by a replaceable lithium ion coin cell, uses a gyro to determine proper angular velocity, is counterbalanced inside the ball to maintain performance and of course, it is shock resistant. Over time, using the EVO ONE basketball training tool develops the players muscle memory and the techniques learned through the reinforcement improve their game.

Each EVO ONE basketball is regulation size and weight even with the sensor inserted into the ball. The EVO ONE can be used without the sensor like any other basketball on the market and uses advanced durable materials in construction to maintain playability. EVO ONE is another product looking to bring technology to sports and to revolutionize the industry, look for it early next year and grab one now by supporting their Kickstarter.

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