MyTask Turns Your Phone Case into an Everyday Multi-ToolIt does not happen often but at that moment when you need a multi-tool for a quick task, it is probably not on your person. MyTask turns your iPhone case into a multi-tool specifically designed for everyday activities.

MyTask is a tough 440C stainless steel and polycarbonate case for the iPhone that hides a complete set of tools adding only six-millimeters thickness compared to a typical case. Each of the three initially offered cases contains tools matching lifestyle activities and potential situations encountered on a daily basis where having a multi-tool would be very convenient. The Urban-style case has everything for the busy professional including a screwdriver, scissors, a memory stick, nail file, mirror, tweezers, a light and a bottle opener. The Bike-style case has everything to avoid a road breakdown including screwdrivers, different size wrenches, tube patches and of course a bottle opener. The Stash-style is just a plain tray without any tools turning your phone case into a convenient organizer for all the little things you carry.

The MyTask case will be offered in black and red when it is released and the company is planning future kits including one for golfers and another for musicians. The trays on each case are interchangeable giving owners the option to bring the right tools to the right situation wherever the day takes you. MyTask is planning a mid-to-late 2014 product launch and are offering backers of their Kickstarter the early deal of just 50 bucks for a case of their choosing.

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