Nest Protect Modern Home Warning Safety SystemSmoke and carbon monoxide detectors are vitally necessary but they can be the most annoying device in your house with false alarms and chirping. The new Nest Protect really redefines what home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be and it has features that will get you excited about your family’s safety.

Nest Protect brings smoke and carbon monoxide detectors into the modern home with a wide range of features that keeps your family safe. Nest connects to your home network and remembers which room it is in allowing you to setup and control multiple Nests and receive alerts with their app. Instead of a nonsensical, loud and panic inducing beep, Nest uses audible voice language and color to let you know exactly where and what danger is happening in your home. If a certain danger appears to rising but is still below alarm levels, Nest will give an audible voice, “heads up” alarm preventing full false alarms like other detectors. If Nest does alarm from something you did in the kitchen, you can let it know everything is fine with just a wave of your hand instead of blowing, waving rags or taking the battery out creating a safety hazard.

Two features of the Nest also make sure you get a good night sleep. The Nightly Promise feature lets you know the battery and full array of sensors are working by glowing green briefly after the lights are turned off. The Nest then monitors motion and will dim up an LED light as you approach giving you a soft light so you can walk around at night and dimming to off as you leave. Nest Protect will be out in November and will retail for 129 bucks.

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