Nymi Biometric Identification and Device AuthenticationBiometrics are playing a larger role in identity verification, from fingerprint scans to retina scans usually offering only the simplist of identification. Nymi, a new product from Bionym, not only identifies you, it unlocks the devices in your world.

Nymi is a thin band smart device you wear on your wrist that reads your unique cardiac rhythm for identity verification, like a badge. Using the Nymi is as easy as putting it on and holding your finger against the outer sensor. When the device vibrates and flashes it has recognized you and will keep you authenticated until you take it off. It uses Bluetooth for a proximity sensor and to communicate with all your devices automatically when you are in range and, it does not stop there. Nymi also has an onboard gyroscope and accelerometer that allows more possibilities with simple gesture control, like twisting your wrist to unlock a car door or waving your hand to unlock your computer. Nymi almost makes you a Jedi when it comes to accessing the devices in your world.

Nymi is not only a step forward in biometric identity verification; it is also designed to secure your identity. The device sensor identifies only you and it uses hardware-based security to prevent anyone from skimming or spoofing your identity. Nymi will be available early next year and if you hurry, you can grab one for seventy-nine bucks.