OnBeat Solar Headphones for Mobile Tunes and PowerFor portable solar energy harvesting, it makes perfect sense to place solar panels on top of your head. That is the thinking behind the OnBeat Solar Headphones that collect energy while you enjoy a walk with your favorite tunes.

The OnBeat Solar Headphones are designed to collect the sun’s energy so that you can charge your portable devices. They work by using a high-powered flexible solar panel positioned across the top of the unit creating an active solar area. The system does not directly charge your mobile devices; the energy collected is stored in two lithium-ion batteries located in the ear cups of the headphone. Once the batteries are fully charged, the user can recharge their mobile device through a USB connection. The USB port on the headphones can also be used to fully charge the system if you just are not getting enough direct sunlight.

The OnBeat Solar Headphones have high-quality sound output and a fantastic frequency response. They are weight balanced, very comfortable, fully adjustable and the headband even folds for storage. The OnBeat Solar Headphone team estimates the unit being available in early 2014.