ORA-1 Smart Glasses Combine Augmented Reality with MobilityWhile it may be true that glasses make you look smarter, making your world smarter with the ORA-1 Smart Glasses platform is a huge step in wearable computing mobility.

The ORA-1 Smart Glasses combine augmented reality and a self-contained Android computing platform capable of running apps without being tethered to a smart device. The glasses use two, “Flip-Vu” viewing angles that allow information at-a-glance or a true augmented reality overlaying applications on the wearer’s field of vision. Apart from its ability to run Android applications natively, the glasses also contain a nine-axis orientation sensor, GPS, a 1080p five-megapixel camera, a microphone, sound through an audio jack and Bluetooth connectivity. Commands are sent through a touchpad user interface on one side of the glasses with the other arm containing the rechargeable battery that will last for eight hours of typical use.

The technology of the ORA-1 is not limited to just the on-board electronics; the glasses use photochromic lenses that darken when exposed to direct sunlight and each pair can be fitted with an ophthalmic clip for prescription lenses. ORA-1 is targeting a late 2015 release of the glasses with backers of their Kickstarter grabbing a pair for just 600 bucks.

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