Petcube for Happy Furry Friends when Away From HomeGetting a webcam so you can check in on your furry friends while you are at work or on vacation lets you see them, but if you want to interact with them, you will probably want to get a Petcube.

Petcube lets you talk, listen and even interact with your pet when you are away from home. The small aluminum case design can be placed anywhere, even mounted on a wall, however you will probably want to choose somewhere higher and with a good view of an open room. One of the big draws to Petcube over traditional webcams is the integrated laser pointer letting you play with your pet using a smart device application with joystick-like controls. You can even earn badges and awards, making it a game for both of you. The app also lets you share photos and HD videos of your pet, access your friends shared Petcubes and manage the device from anywhere.

If the brushed aluminum case does not meet your decorating, Petcube also has skins to dress up the device making it as furry as your fuzzy buddy. Petcube will begin shipping early next year and will retail for 199 bucks, you can grab one for a discount by supporting their Kickstarter campaign.

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