Piper Combines Security and Automation in a Small PackageYou could pay an agency hundreds of dollars to set-up and monitor your home security, or, take control of your own security and automate your surroundings with a Piper security system.

Piper is small home or business security system that combines security and monitoring with automation so you can interact with your home or business while you are away. Each Piper unit has a high-definition 1080p camera, speaker, microphone and a host of other sensors including motion and environmental, providing a complete monitoring picture. Setting up a Piper is as easy as placing the unit, downloading the app and providing your network details; the system does the rest. Using the app, rules can be set using fuzzy logic so that if something happens, like motion is detected, then take the following actions, like sound an alarm, start capturing video and send a text alert. The app also allows the owner to pan, tilt and zoom the cameras, see four different views of the same area and add any Z-Wave device you already have or want to add fully automating your home or business.

Piper wraps all this functionality in a very small package that is elegant and affordable giving everyone self-controlled security without monthly fees or call centers. Each unit has a battery back up in the event of a power outage and all recorded video is stored on a cloud server so there is a record if something should happen to the device. Base Piper systems will set you back 239 bucks, a fraction of the cost of traditional systems and can be purchased directly from their site.

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