Pixelstick Creates Amazing Long-Exposure Light Painting PhotosI can guarantee you have never had this much fun swinging a six-foot stick around. The new Pixelstick by Bitbanger Labs gives anyone with an interest in light painting a friendly entry point to this self-expressive and evolving medium.

Pixelstick is a giant brush for long-exposure photography that makes light painting easier and adds dimension to what can be created. The two three-foot sections assemble into a central bracket that also allows the connection of a lockable or free-spinning handle giving the artist 198 full-color RGB LED lights that they can use to paint the town. Any 198-pixel bitmap image can be loaded to the control panel through an SD card and then read back by the Pixelstick as it moves creating some amazing light art photography. The controller opens up other options to light painting like allowing the user to cycle through the uploaded images to create time-lapse video from several captures. Pixelstick uses eight double-a batteries for power and with the low-power LEDs, that is enough juice for an extended shooting session.

Getting started with Pixelstick just requires a camera with a long exposure mode and some understanding neighbors that will not be too freaked out about someone waving a glowing six-foot stick around. Pixelstick has a working prototype they are taking to production and have lined up for a product release early in 2014; be one of the first to get your hands on one by supporting their Kickstarter.

Check it out: Pixelstick