Play Guitar Anywhere with the Zivix JamStikSometimes, you just gotta jam. If you love to play the guitar or are wanting to learn, the new JamStik from Zivix is a highly portable smart guitar that takes the frustration out of learning letting you play music anywhere.

JamStik is a fifteen-inch long portable smart guitar that connects with your iDevice turning your iDevice into a real musical instrument. It works by using a patented infrared sensing fret board to precisely detect the position of a fingertip and track your movements. When combined with the JamMix app, users can strum along on real strings that never need tuning. If you are looking to learn the guitar, the JamTutor app will guide you through several fun interactive lessons that you can then transition to a real guitar. JamStik never needs batteries, it contains a lithium-ion battery and is completely rechargeable using the supplied charger or through a USB port.

JamStik is designed with only the first five frets of a guitar, but as they point out, the majority of music played on the guitar only uses the first five. If a string ever breaks, they can easily be replaced with no need to tune them as they simply provide realistic tension to simulate a guitar feel. JamStik will retail for 300 bucks and if you want to get one first, check out their Indiegogo page and grab yours for 200 dollars.

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