Pocket Drone is Your Personal and Portable Aerial RobotBeing followed by a drone is probably not something that would excite most of us unless that drone was a Pocket Drone micro-copter. AirDroids is building a personal flying robotic camera platform that will follow you on your adventures.

Pocket Drone is a small and lightweight micro-copter that unfolds from a case no larger than a camera bag and is ready to fly in seconds. For its size, the Pocket Drone boasts some amazing performance specifications. It weighs only about one pound yet can carry a payload of up to a half-pound making it perfect for aerial photography. It can fly up to 5000 feet in altitude, has a maximum speed of almost forty miles-per-hour with a flight time on a full battery and a camera payload of about twenty minutes.
It can be controlled with any DSM2 transmitter, use Google maps to autopilot a programmed or saved flight plan and using a mobile device with GPS enabled, will follow you at a predetermined altitude and distance.

The Pocket Drone is durable enough to handle unplanned landings with the key components made of carbon fiber and high-impact plastic resins making the vehicle light and strong. AirDroids is also providing the flight controller as an as an open-source platform allowing programmers to modify and configure the system. Pocket Drone will be available in the summer of 2014 ready-to-fly out-of-the-box to be your over-the-shoulder eye-in-the-sky for just under 500 bucks. Check out their Kickstarter for all the details.

Check them out: Pocket Drone by AirDroids

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