Point and Click in 3D Space with the Wearable Mycestro MouseThe way we interact with technology is always evolving. Mycestro flips the way we think about using a computer mouse letting users put the mouse on their finger for true point and click finger mouse interactions.

Mycestro is a finger mouse designed to clip to your index finger and controls cursor movements using Bluetooth communications with your system. Using Mycestro, users can type on their keyboard and when they need cursor control, simply touch their thumb anywhere on the panel. The panel has a three-button design with left, middle and right buttons and allows users to scroll by sliding their finger across the touch sensitive panel. Under normal usage, Mycestro will last about eight hours on a charge and is rechargeable through a USB port on the device.

Mycestro is designed to be extremely light and portable allowing precision cursor control in situations where it is not practical to use a mouse. It has a range of about thirty feet making it perfect for presentations and for untethering users from their systems. Since it uses Bluetooth, it will control just about any system in 3D space that has the Bluetooth Smart Ready logo or that can accept a Bluetooth Low Energy dongle.

You can preorder Mycestro now and it is available for either the left or right hand, or both. You can get your Mycestro in classic white for 79 dollars or jet-black for 99; if you grab a combo pack for both hands, you will save a few bucks.