On the long list of products that work really well but can sometimes be frustrating, the snorkel is near the top. The Powerbreather is a new snorkel design for swimmers and divers that takes the anxiety out of breathing through a tube.

Powerbreather is dual snorkel system that is made from an elastic material so it fits comfortably around a swimmer’s head. Air is drawn in through the back of the system and exhaled through a valve in the front ensuring the swimmer only inhales fresh air eliminating snorkel fatigue. The swimmer does not need to turn their head to take a breath, and advantage which relieves pressure on the neck and promotes balanced muscle development from your pool workout. The system is also designed to keep water completely out for other forward strokes so swimmers can concentrate on their form and not their breathing.

The Powerbreather is fully adjustable to fit children and can be used to teach beginners proper technique. For casual swimmers or even those training, the Powerbreather probably will not win any style points; it will maximize your time in the pool, making your workouts more efficient and stress free.