PowerUp Transforms Paper Airplanes with Flight ControlFlight is something most experience at a very young age when that first paper airplane is tossed in the air gliding back to Earth and for that moment in time, magic happened. With the new PowerUp module, your paper airplane stays flying under your inner child’s control.

PowerUp is a carbon fiber based control and power module for paper airplanes that allows pilots to fly the plane from an iOS smart device. Onboard the controller is a Bluetooth module with a range of about 180 feet providing precision control to turn, bank, dive and climb the airplane using a simple throttle on the application and by tilting the smart device. The application uses an artificial horizon much like an actual instrument flight rule on a real aircraft and displays flight control information complete with a compass, range, thrust level and fuel. The lithium polymer battery on the PowerUp will last for a ten-minute flight and is quickly recharged through a micro-USB connection.

PowerUp works in just about any symmetrical paper airplane you can fold with ideal flying conditions of almost no wind, no rain and even though the device is durable, away from hard surfaces. PowerUp is looking at a June of 2014 take-off and will retail for just 50 bucks.

Check it out:

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