Pressy Adds a Smart Button to Your Smart PhoneWhen it comes to performing a task quickly, hitting a button is the way to get it done. That is the thinking behind Pressy, a very low profile button for your smart phone.

Pressy is a button plugin for your smartphone’s headphone jack. It does what you would expect a button to do, perform a task instantly when pressed only Pressy can be programmed for more than that. Right out of the box, Pressy when paired with the free app can do several things. Click quickly for your flashlight, long to go to silent mode or twice to take a photo. The app itself runs on your phone as a background service saving your battery and does not limit you to these functions. You can program Pressy to do any task you want with the press of a button or by programming patterns of presses.

Pressy saves time and effort, there is no need to activate your phone, find an app and then do a task, just hit the button. Pressy will be out early next year and you can grab one early by supporting their Kickstarter campaign for just seventeen bucks.

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