Proper Posture Meets Fitness Goals Using a Lumo LiftActivity trackers usual focus on how much moving a person completes in a day and just as important to your overall well-being is how we sit or stand. Lumo Lift helps maintain proper posture for a more confident appearance while helping to reach daily fitness goals.

Lumo Lift is a new type of activity tracker that goes beyond the typical metrics of steps taken and calories burned, it also monitors your upper body posture. Lumo Lift can be attached anywhere on your upper torso, including under other clothing or on a bra strap using a magnetic clasp that to the outside world like a lapel pin or jewelry. While wearing the device, a single-sensor algorithmic model constantly monitors for slouching in your upper back caused by improper posture and with a gentle haptic nudge reminds you to straighten up, stand tall and even project a more confident appearance. Combined with the free app, information can be reviewed at any time during the day including calories burned, steps taken, time in good posture and the app will even make recommendations so you can hit your daily goals.

The battery on the Lumo Lift will last for about five days on a single charge and can quickly be recharged with the included charger in about two hours. Lumo Lift can be preordered directly from their site for just 70 bucks and is available in white, black or silver with an anticipated shipping date in the spring of 2014.

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