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Prynt Smartphone Case for Instant Photo PrintingPolaroid cameras were so much fun because in an instant, you could grab a snapshot and share a real, physical photo keepsake memory. Prynt is bringing back the days of instant photography, this time as a smartphone case.

Prynt is as easy to use as any camera by simply docking your smartphone, grabbing the perfect shot and in a matter of seconds; a photo is printed from the case. Prynt works by using thermal technology that heats a special photo paper to precise temperatures, which allows the ink that is already embedded in the paper to create the colors on the image, without the need for any ink cartridges. The case is compatible with several phone models and is designed to be modular, which means if you get a new phone, the case just requires a new adapter, not a replacement case. The internal battery on Prynt will last for about twenty photos on a full charge and is quickly recharged though mini-USB.

With Prynt, any photo on your smartphone can be printed at any time and if you get carried sharing those photos, paper refills are just five bucks for a pack of ten. Prynt is seeking funds on Kickstarter to get their case launched in late 2015 and with an estimated retail price of just over 100 bucks.

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