Put Down Your Phone and Stay Connected with the EMBRACE+How many times have you been out with friends and everyone is constantly peeking at their cell phone to see if they’ve missed something. Wouldn’t it be easier if something could notify you? That’s the thinking behind the EMBRACE+.

EMBRACE+ is a smart notification bracelet that ties to your smartphone through a downloadable app. It comes in three shapes that are inspired by precious gemstones, including topaz, beryl and opal. Each band is just a few millimeters thick and the goal of the final project is to be waterproof to five atmospheres. In its resting state, the band is transparent, fashionable and comfortable to wear. Once you configure the app on your Android or iPhone, the band uses optical fiber inside the core of the bracelet to glow in any color you choose.

You can set several actions in the application, including using just one or two colors on notifications, number of blinks, duration of blinks or just go with a vibration. You can set the EMBRACE+ to notify you when there’s a post from several social sites, emails, texts or even functional phone events like low battery and calendar alerts. Once you have everything set up, you can save the profile and create a new one for any situation, like work, at the gym or home and even schedule the profiles by time.

It runs off a rechargeable battery that will last you about ten days and fully charges through an included USB cable in only 10 minutes. EMBRACE+ is in development now, and they have a Kickstarter setup where a donation of just 49 bucks will get you your own head-turning EMBRACE+ smart bracelet.

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