Qleek Makes Sharing and Streaming Memories PersonalHolding a photo in your hand is like holding onto a memory and with digital media, that tactile emotional feeling is just not there. Qleek is an innovative streaming idea that makes sharing memories personal again.

Qleek is a fun little gadget that instantaneously streams photos, music, videos or any online content. The system can be set-up in one of three ways: either plugging in an HDMI connector to a television, pairing the base through Bluetooth or even connecting through a 3.5-millimeter audio jack. Qleek uses wooden hexagons called, “Tapps” that can be decorated to express the content contained on the block. When a Tapp is placed on the Qleek base unit, content is automatically streamed to the connected device. Qleek goes one-step further when it comes to storage of the Tapps providing owners with, “Hives” that decorate any wall with the designer blocks.

Tapps come preloaded with personal content when they are ordered from the company’s website and can be easily changed to new content in a few seconds. Qleek is currently seeking funds through Indiegogo to launch the product by late 2014 with supporters grabbing their own Qleek system for just 249 bucks.

Check it out: Qleek

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