QuadshoX Adds Suspension to Manual WheelchairsPower wheelchairs usually have a suspension system to counter the weight of the chair. As it turns out, most manual chairs do not, and that was the inspiration behind QuadshoX.

QuadshoX is a rear-wheel suspension system for manual wheelchairs that removes the constant jarring for the person using it. The system is a retrofit to the chair so it will not affect the wheelchair manufacturer’s warranty and is also easy enough to install so that any caregiver or distributor representative can perform the upgrade. Once installed, the system transfers the inadequate suspension that depended on the wheel to absorb shock to the QuadshoX, resulting in a very smooth ride for the passenger.

QuadshoX is currently available for two chairs, the Quickie and Invacare Solara Tilt-In-Space models with more manufactures in development. QuadshoX is expected in late 2015.

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