Quality 3D Printing with the 347 Dollar Buccaneer 3D Printer3D Printing is becoming more and more mainstream yet the biggest obstacle to bringing it into everyone’s home is cost. Pirate3D is about to change that with their Buccaneer 3D Printer.

The Buccaneer for 3D Printing was designed to be easy to use, functional, elegant and affordable for everyday users who may not even know what CAD means. It comes ready to use out of the box with just a few set-up requirements that involve loading a material spool, plugging it in and detecting the device on your wireless network. Once fully set up, users can click their mouse and the machine prints the design. Pirate3D has made several designs available online at, “Treasure Island” and users can fill their, “Treasure Chest” with downloadable files. The team even designed an intuitive and easy to use software solution for customizing each design by simply moving nodes on the interface.

The Buccaneer 3D Printer has some good design specs for the price tag. It will cloud print over Wi-Fi, is mobile enabled for your tablets and will give you a solid resolution of 100 microns. While the system prints, it even has air filters to remove the plastic heating smell and the plastic itself is environmentally and food safe. The Buccaneer 3D Printer will hit the market soon with a 347-dollar price tag. Yar Mateys!

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