Quebee or Not To Be in Your Own Video MemoriesRecording video on a camera or on a smart device usually means someone has to be the camera operator, locking that person out of the moment and memories. Quebee want you to be in the moment, and their new remote camera makes it easy.

Quebee is a very small two-inch cube remote camera that anyone can place and capture great high-definition video. Quebee can be placed anywhere or even attached to a small tripod and with the press of a button, the device captures up to five hours of video. Quebee uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to communicate with a smart device sending the captured video to a cloud server when in range. Using their totally free application, users of Quebee can view the live stream, watch recorded videos, remotely active recordings and change the camera settings. Quebee also allows up to two days of time-lapse recording, perfect for a place and shoot camera and maintaining the exact framing.

Quebee is rechargeable through a mini-USB port and is water resistant for outdoor shooting. All of the videos stored on the cloud server can be downloaded at any time or you can share and edit the videos right on the server. Quebee is set to arrive by the fall of 2014 and the company is offering a limited amount of numbered first-run devices when you support their Kickstarter.

Check it out: Quebee

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