Retrofit Old Smoke Alarms with a Roost Smart BatteryEven wired smoke detectors require a battery and when that battery gives up the ghost, usually in the middle of the night, the hunt is on to find the chirping device. Roost enables retrofitting of those old detectors making them smart in a few minutes.

Roost is a smart battery in a tradition nine-volt form factor that quickly adds smart device connectivity to typical smoke detectors. It uses an internal lithium battery, not alkaline, to provide power and open up real estate inside the package for the controller and Wi-Fi modules. Set-up requires download of a free application, pairing and naming the unit then replacing the old nine-volt with the smart battery like any other battery change. The app is where the magic happens, alerting the user to active alarms, allowing alarm management, alerting emergency services and even battery status from anywhere away from home.

Each Roost has an estimated five-year lifespan greatly exceeding a tradition nine-volt battery and providing mobile functionality for peace of mind. Roost will be available in mid-2015 and will run as low as twenty-five bucks based on bundle size, check out their Kickstarter and forget about the middle of the night technology crickets.

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