Ritot Projection Watch is the Next Timepiece EvolutionFirst, there were analog watches, then digital. Ritot is the next watch evolution arriving soon and projecting the time or other important information on the wearer’s hand.

Ritot is a new kind of wristwatch that looks like a bracelet and with a flick of the wrist projects the time on the wearer’s hand. Ritot uses a smart device application that allows the wearer to set notifications to be projected including incoming calls, texts, emails, social media, events, weather and others. Projected messages last about ten seconds or can be dismissed by touch or a quick shake and can be set to any of twenty colors through the application. The internal battery on Ritot gives it a 150-hour projection life or one month in stand-by mode and is rechargeable by the included base though induction charging.

Ritot is being offered in two varieties: a stylish aluminum bracelet model in three colors and a plastic sports model with rubber inserts for comfort and in two colors. The watch is waterproof, can display time in standard or twenty-four hour modes and the projection can be changed for left or right hands. Ritot will be available in early 2014 with a retail price of 160 bucks and is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo.

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