Roadie Tuner Makes Tuning a Guitar Quick and EasyWhen I first started playing acoustic guitar, the most frustrating part was not learning the music, it was trying to tune the guitar. If I had a Roadie guitar tuner back then, I might still be playing.

Roadie guitar tuner is a hand-held automatic tuner for acoustic and electric guitars that removes the guesswork beginners feel and the anxiety of snapping strings. Roadie Tuner works primarily through a Bluetooth connection to a smart device application, which is where all the audio processing magic happens. The player can tell the app how many strings are on the guitar, the note of the stings, affix Roadie Tuner to the peg and strum; the device does the rest. Roadie Tuner will also keep track of other vitals like the life of your stings, the number of times tuned and notifies you when it is time to change your strings for the best sound possible. The app also provides custom and alternate tuning profiles and even serves as a wind and unwind utility for changing out stings.

Roadie guitar tuner works off a rechargeable battery that will tune strings up to six-thousand times on a full charge. The device is three times more sensitive than the human ear giving players a perfectly tuned instrument before every session. Roadie Tuner has already funded their Kickstarter campaign and will hit the market in the summer of 2014 for just one-hundred bucks.

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