RYNO is Single-Wheel Personal Transportation with StyleIf you are a fan of John Hart’s “B.C.” comic strip, you know the fastest way for a cave-person to get around is on their single rock-wheel scooter. The RYNO Cycle is a new evolution in personal transportation for the modern caveman and woman.

The RYNO Cycle is an all-electric single-wheel personal transport that self-balances much like a Segway and can propel the rider at ten miles-per-hour for up to ten miles on a single charge. The cycle uses two sealed lead-acid batteries to drive the motors giving the bike enough torque to carry up to 260 total pounds of rider and cargo. The batteries require no special tools for replacement allowing the rider to swap out dead batteries in seconds keeping the journey rolling. The entire cycle is built around a custom-designed steel frame for strong structural and performance functionality with rider comforts like an adjustable seat and LED lights included. When you arrive at your destination, parking the RYNO is as easy as turning off the proprietary RYDE-eX Balance System, learning the cycle forward onto the parking arms and setting the parking brake.

The RYNO Cycle may look like a motorcycle but it is considered a personal transportation vehicle and is restricted to the same areas as a Segway, so be sure and check your local regulations. The RYNO will sell for just over 5K and will be released this summer. Check out their site at rynomotors.com to see the cycle in action and to throw down your 150 dollar fully-refundable deposit.

Check them out: RYNO Motors