Seatylock Transforms Bike Seats into Bike SecurityBicycle locks come in many varieties, shapes and sizes and almost all of them have one thing in common: they are hard to transport while riding. Seatylock is the lock that becomes part of your bike, and makes securing your bike a snap when the ride is over.

Seatylock is a hardened-steel bike lock that stores conveniently under the bike seat, unfolding to a meter in length and securing your ride in about thirty seconds. Seatylock uses a universal seat post adapter making installation a simple process and has been designed to make replacing a worn seat just as simple down the road. The lock components are rustproof hardened steel with anti-drilling rivets and cylinders making the lock durable and reliable for securing your bike with confidence in the toughest environmental conditions and neighborhoods.

Seatylock will be offered in both trekking and comfort riding configurations and in several different colors and graphic designs to meet your personalization needs. Seatylock will retail for about 129 bucks with backers of their Kickstarter grabbing one for a discount forever forgetting about bike, and saddle theft by early 2015.

Check them out: Seatylock

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